Community Safety

The Fire Safety Department is responsible for Community Safety and conducting training to government departments and outside bodies. These range from extinguisher use, action to take in the event of a fire, choosing smoke detectors etc.

We carry out public awareness campaigns on the dangers of fire, including visits to schools and places of work, give advice about fire safety in the home, the safe use of fireworks in the run up to Guy Fawkes night and the New Year celebrations.

A Bayside student using a fire blanket as part of their work experience program.


Leading Fire Fighter Liam Byrne demonstrates to the public how to use an extinguisher at The Convent Open Day

Fireworks Safety
Safety in the Home
School Visits
Safety at Work

Permit to Light Fires

bonfireIt is an offence under Section 18 of the Fire Service Act to light “…any fire consisting of any rubbish or other matter whatsoever in any garden, enclosure or open space…” unless permission is sought from the Gibraltar Fire & Rescue Service (GFRS). For Permit applications contact the Duty Officer on Tel. 20045961 or the Control Room on Tel. 20079507.

Only on the granting of a Control Burning Permit and subject to the conditions of the permit will a fire be permited to be lit.

Note however that prior to a Control Burning Permit being issued the applicants must also seek permission from the Environmental Agency (see details below) in order to determine the nature of the items to be burnt. Evidence of permission from the Environmental Agency must be presented to the GFRS on application for a permit.

Environmental Agency
37 Town Range
Tel: 20070620
Fax: 20074119