Fire Safety in the Home

Flats, Apartments and Maisonettes

Don’t Block Escape Routes

  • Do not clutter corridors
  • Do not block stairs
  • Do not wedge open fire/smoke doors

When you share a building with other families your safety and theirs depends
on co-operating.

What to do in case of Fire in your Flat

  1. Alert other persons in the flat
  2. Don’t tackle the fire unless it’s safe to do so
  3. Leave the room at once and close the door
  4. Leave the flat when everyone is out and close the front door
  5. Call the Fire Service on Tel. 190 or 112
  6. If you have to leave the building use the stairs – do not use lifts

Fire in another part of the Building

It will normally be safe for you to stay in your own flat. But if your flat is affected by heat or smoke, leave at once closing all windows and doors behind you. If you would like further advice on how to protect your home from fire please contact the Fire Safety Department on (350) 20072936 or

Kitchen Oil Pan Fire


Fire Safety In The Home Guide - 2015 Edition

Fire Safety In The Home Guide – 2015 Edition

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