Dylan Pratts, Stefan Rodriguez, Carl Debono and Christian Navas’ outstanding performance has been prevalent throughout all the three elements of their assessment process. Their consistent standards and achievements can only be attributed to their hard work, dedication and the unwavering support and guidance from their mentors leading up to their respective sessions.

The Practical aspects consisted of;

(1) Supervising two crews performing a combined drill which was selected at random on the day, in accordance with the UK fire service’s training manual.

(2) Taking command and control of an operational incident. The aforementioned delegates were faced with various scenarios that included; a report of a faulty light fitting on board a ship that rapidly developed into a smoked logged engine room. A call to a smoke issuing basement within a workshop involving a compressor, where upon arrival the owner reports a missing employee. Smoke issuing/smell of burning from a domestic property that upon arrival, rapidly develops into a fire with three family members missing and finally, a reported warehouse event where a fixed carbon dioxide (CO2) installation had been activated.

(3) The delivery of a lecture to watch officers and Senior Managers on a potential incident within our jurisdiction.

The GFRS would like to take this opportunity to thank The Gibraltar Port Authority for allowing us to exercise within their estate, the crew of the Humber Dawn, for facilitating the vessel, our colleagues at the Airport Fire and Rescue Service, Saccone & Speed, Continent 8 Technologies, MH Blands, the runway underpass reps, Ocean Views, Hill Side and Bella Vista for supporting us with information and/or facilities during the above-mentioned examination process.

Senior management would like to congratulate all four firefighters on their achievements.