His Excellency The Governor, Vice Admiral Sir David Steele, visited the Fire Station last Wednesday 15th July. During his visit, he acquainted himself with the different aspects of Fire and Rescue as well as Fire Safety and the behind the scenes work carried out by the Emergency Control Room operators, MT section and Administrative staff respectively. His Excellency was impressed with the scope of our work as well as the wide range of responsibilities we as a service have to cover throughout Gibraltar. He was appreciative of the amount of specialist training that has to be undertaken by our staff in conjunction with the broad range of risks encountered with respect to the relatively diverse topography unique to Gibraltar.
His Excellency was well received by all personnel, with whom he exchanged pleasantries, showing genuine interest in their respective responsibilities. At the culmination of the visit the Chief Fire Officer, Mr Colin Ramirez, presented His Excellency with a book on the Fire and Rescue Service’s history and a commemorative shield.
The GFRS would like to extend a warm welcome to His Excellency and wish him the best of luck in his appointment as Gibraltar’s Governor.

His Excellency received by senior management at the station.

Learning about Fire Safety

Meeting one of our newest members.

The evolution of our headwear.

The inner workings of the Control Room.

Becoming acquainted with our essential M.T. section.