Legal Requirements under Acts

Fire Safety Officers are required to carry out inspections and where relevant follow-ups under the following Acts. For additonal information on each Act visit the Gibraltar Government Laws website.

Fire Service Act, Public Health Act and Building Rules

Plans for new buildings or alterations to structures are submitted to the Fire Safety Department. Conditions imposed by the department must be complied with in order that proper building construction is carried out and in due course certification of premises is issued under the Fire Service, Public Health (Section 55) Act, and the Gibraltar Building Regulations.

The Fire Safety Department is primarily responsible to see that the public inside any premises are protected from the effects of a fire and smoke and can make an easy escape form the premises in the event. Therefore great emphasis is placed on the following considerations;

Means of Escape, Smoke Stopping and Compartmentation, Fire Alarm/Detection Systems, Emergency lighting Systems and Portable and Fixed First Aid Fire Fighting Equipment.

The Petroleum Act

The implementation of regulations under the Petroleum Act is the responsibility of the Fire Safety Department. Annual and ad-hoc inspections of premises/tankers are therefore carried out. There are three types of licences which are issued;

B Type for premises such as garages in which more than 3 vehicles are stored. C Types for premises where bulk storage of petrol is kept, for example petrol stations and D Types licences for petrol tanker vehicles.

Entertainment Act

Under the Act Safety Rules the Fire Safety Department works closely with the Licensing Authority, and other Government bodies such as the Police and Customs Departments.

Premises to which the ordinance applies; Public bars, Public Clubs, Restaurants, Night clubs and Discotheques

Education Act

Under the requirements of this Ordinance the department carries out annual inspections of schools, nurseries and carries out fire drills together with the school/nursery staff.

Explosives Act

Under this ordinance the Department works with the office of the Deputy Governor in relation to the safe importation and storage of explosives.

One of the main concerns of this department is control of the importation of Fireworks. All importers of fireworks are therefore required to submit description of fireworks to be sold in Gibraltar in order to determine their suitability under the Explosives Act.

The department also issues permits with conditions for the holding of fireworks displays by competent pyrotechnic experts.