Breathing Apparatus Training

The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) carries out Breathing Apparatus (BA) training on a regular basis,  as part of the Operations Department training programme. Fire fighters carry out periodic training, ranging from command and control, to search and rescue procedures, to confined space training. The training is carried out, across different venues around Gibraltar by qualified BA Training instructors. 

Gibraltar although small in size, poses significant risks to firefighters in the form of an upper rock nature reserve, a naval base, a commercial port which in addition offers ship bunkering, a ship repair yard,an airfield,  numerous high rise buildings and a few petrol stations all around Gibraltar. Due to these potential risks that GFRS faces, we must make sure that our maintenance of competence and our continuous professional development targets are met. 

Below are some images of BA Training. This training was a simulated fire at a `real` high rise building.