Fire Control Staff


There are nine Fire Controllers at the GFRS. Three in each watch (Blue Watch, Red Watch and White Watch), with a Leading Fire Controller in each watch.

The Role

The GFRS Fire Control’s day-to-day role is to obtain as much information possible from callers and then ensure that this information is transferred to the Officer In Charge (OIC), and send the correct fire engines to the correct address. OIC’s need to have contingency plans en-route and arrive at the quickest time possible.
Most of the callers will be very emotional and/or in distress, therefore our Fire Control Staff must follow procedures with a clear head, and considerable patience often.
A control operator is required to advise other emergency services and other outside agencies, such as local authorities, Environment Agency, utility companies and key holders, as it may be necessary for their representatives to attend an incident.
From the moment an emergency call is received for the Fire and Rescue Service, speed is of the essence. Delay can result in loss of life and extensive damage to property.
The control operator’s job is the essential first step in getting appliances, officers, and other supporting services to an incident, therefore getting accurate information is paramount. All information and action taken regarding an incident are recorded in computerised logs.

Equal Opportunities

GFRS is an equal opportunities employer. We value the diversity of our workforce and believe in creating a culture where every individual feels valued and respected. We are committed to making a positive difference to the communities we serve, and particularly encourage applications from those who are currently under-represented in our service.

Fire Control